Andreas Schmidt sales & consulting
Johannes-Schult-Weg 14
22359 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 18 98 19 78
Mobile: +49 171 52 00 310

About me

My name is Andreas Schmidt and I have been in sales for all of my 30 years plus life in business.

Having left my last position as sales director in 2011, I have supported customers from the following business field:

  • Engineering Services
  • Additive Manufacturing / 3 D- printed parts from metal and plastics
  • Cruise business
  • Software Products
  • Aerospace Suppliers (Airbus)
  • Electronic Beam Welding (Aerospace)
  • Turned and milled parts, assemblies

Andreas Schmidt

In 2021, I have started to offer consulting and active support in the field of digitalization of business processes. This is the story how it began:

The processing of first time orders from new customers in time and in quality has been the biggest obstacle for all companies I have been working for as external employee for cold acquisition.

A good question is why that is? It is because first time order of a new customers is not a follow up order of something made before. Coordination processes are not in place on both sides. Another reason is that existing processes ( material ordering, capacity planning, etc. ) are designed for proven paths and have not been altered or optimized for years.

An increase of consulting tasks for sales processes lead to my registration as BAFA-Consultant for sales topics and processes.

AS BAFA-Consultant I received more and more inside views of business processes in companies, which lead to the design of a vendor management and recruiting management software in my leisure time.

For the developments of these two software products, I founded a corporation, Lab ONE Solutions GmbH. I have experienced large setbacks in the software development phase working with several software engineers. After two years, I had to pull the plug as it turned out to be a bottomless pit.

I switched to a Low Code/No Code platform to create both business processes, i.e. recruiting of staff and management of temporary workers all by myself, thus becoming independent from the know how of software engineers.

Even better, this Low Code/No Code platform allows me to create a digital solution for any business process one can think of. It even allows companies to modify and alter the application as they please without any software engineer.

So, I have proven that it is possible to design and create digital processes without software development know how and I am willing to share my expertise to help you with your processes.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact me.