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Digitalization of Business Processes

There are numerous business processes in your company. Without such processes no company would be able to function. Many of these processes, if not all, have been established a long time ago and all employers work in accordance with the processes.

The first piece of software was introduced in order to support a business process better. At this point a decision is made for the path of the future. Either the process is adapted to the software or the software is customized to match the company's requirements. Latter one leads to high follow up cost while adapting the process to the software causes work arounds by employees. Haven't we seen it all !

Changes in business process create acceptance with employees and managers only if benefits are recognized. A good consulting job for digitalization of business processes calls for a "Do it with you" and not "Do it for you" approach.

Did you know that a technology exists, which allows to create all business processes and workflows of your company within two or three weeks per process, which you can modify and alter by yourself without a software developer.

This is how we do in consulting for digitalization!

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